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Mdm Syclostica Gomez, famously known as Cindy, was 17 years old when she came to Singapore. Cindy and her husband Mr Andrew Gomez hailed from the beautiful city of Trivandrum, capital of Kerala, a city well known for varieties of fish curries. They brought along the flavours of Kerala and together they created cuisines with added flavours from Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Many months of experiment, Cindy successfully created curries to achieve the perfect taste and aroma of various curries without using coconut or carnation milk.

Cindy’s love and passion for cooking soon became the talk among her neighbours and friends. Cindy enjoys hosting them and happily whip up mouth-watering curries including vegetarian dishes. Cindy then embarked into home made food catering business including cookies and cakes. Her fruit cakes is still one of the best till to-date.

Our Journey

After 15 years, Cindy and Andrew founded Cindy Gomez Fish Head Curry and operated at a coffee shop stall in Outram Road. Soon she gained popularity for her delicious curries especially the Fish Head Curry. In 2019, Cindy and her family launched Gomez Spice ready to cook mix-spice recipes for Fish, Chicken, Mutton/Lamb/Beef, & Prawn curries which is available in a single packet for easy cooking to suit modern day lifestyle. A first in Singapore, all-in-one Gomez Spice Single Packet contains all the spices you need saving great amount of time to purchase individually and avoid wastage of unused left over spices.

Gomez Spice delivers you with a detailed cooking instructions and a step by step video. Gomez Spice is committed to make it possible for anyone to cook an awesome cuisine, nothing is hidden. Simply a natural greatness in any dish is made possible with Gomez Spice. More mix-spice recipes including vegetarian and Briyani are on the way.

What we believe in

Our Motto:
Cooking with Love.

Our Commitment:
To provide quality and freshness in every packet. To deliver healthy products as we do not add Salt, Sugar or MSG. To provide our customers with the most reliable products.

Our Vision:
To bring aromatic flavours into household cooking. To make cooking simple.

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